The Checkpoint is a sexual health clinic in the center of Paris specialized in LGBTQ+ healthcare.

In addition to their permanent center in Paris at 13 rue d’Alexandrie, the Checkpoint also visits CADA and HUDA migrant shelters to test people for STIs and provide medical counseling. Of the 139 people they have consulted since 2021, 70 were tested for the first time for HIV and hepatitis. The positivity rate for hepatitis for that sample was three times the national average.InfoMigrants sat down with Hannane Mouhim and Amélia Viguier, who are in charge of Checkpoint, CADA and HUDA, to learn more about their services.

 Here, we practice proportional universalism, meaning we identify vulnerabilities to do more for those who need it most. For example, we pay special attention to someone without health coverage. If they miss their appointment, we’ll try and call them back to make sure they understood the importance of vaccination – if they came to get vaccinated. If someone without health coverage comes without an appointment and we don’t have availabilities anymore, we’ll still try to find a slot for them because we know that it’s more complicated for them. A migrant person living in a CADA or HUDA, waiting for their asylum application, and commuting for an hour and a half to come to the Checkpoint, is not the same as someone living in the city who took the subway to come here.

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