Facebook posts falsely tout grape seeds

Social media posts claim that consuming grape seeds or grapeseed oil can cure cancer.They hid this seed for more than 100 years, because it can cure any cancer in just a few days," a January 24, 2022 Facebook claims.

The US Food and Drug Administration to "beware of products claiming to cure cancer on websites or social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram."

The FDA website notes that these unproven treatments come in many forms,including pills, capsules, powders, creams, teas, oils, and treatment kits," and are frequently advertised as 'natural' treatments and often falsely labeled as dietary supplements.

The findings have also not been consistent across cancers. She explained that "one study showed that people who consumed grape seed had fewer blood cancers," but another found "grapeseed did not help breast cancer patients with the side effects of radiation therapy.

Dr Nagi Kumar, a senior member of the cancer epidemiology program and department of breast and genitourinary oncology at the Florida-based Moffitt Cancer Center, cautioned that there "is still more information needed about these promising compounds from grape seed products.

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