White Tea:It works in three different ways within the body to speed up the fat burning process, first it blocks the formations of cells responsible for fats, while simultaneously boosting lipolysis. It is a source of catechins, a type of antioxidant responsible for breaking the fats in cells and finally it affects the liver, making it turn fat into energy, all these combined means quick weight loss.

Barberry:The root, stem and fruit can be used to make tea, what this naturally occurring plant does is that it burns fat naturally, being a fat frying chemical. Consuming the plant can boost energy receptors of the cells. this process makes them absorb less fat. It can also help in developing insulin resistance.

Pu-Erh Tea:Tested on Rats, it proved to be a success, rats that were tested by giving them this particular tea had less levels of fat in the blood as well as their body. What more interesting is that it helped in reducing the belly flab, this hasn’t been tried on humans as far but the results are promising to say the least.

Oolong Tea:t is a traditional Chinese drink, containing high levels of antioxidants. How it works is that it speed up the body’s metabolism and also keeps the cholesterol levels in check, it is not only good for burning fat but for the heart as well. It aids in digestion so if you have problems of indigestion it is supremely efficient. Like the green Tea it also contains catechins, helping in breaking the fats in cells responsible for weight gain. The people who made

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