Fitness Influencer Alexia Clark Undergoes Surgery To Repair


The "queen of workouts" underwent emergency stomach surgery two weeks         ago and is now in the process of regaining her strength.

Without warning, she came down with an excruciating stomachache after eating dinner on January 2nd. "I thought it was food poisoning, but it progressively got worse," she tells Women's Health. As the night went on, the pain became "unbearable," to the point where Alexia "literally thought [she] was dying, and that is no exaggeration."

After throwing up, she went to the hospital, where doctors did a CT scan and told her that her intestines had twisted, requiring emergency surgery. Doctors diagnosed her with cecal volvulus, which occurs "when the cecum, which is between the small bowel and colon, detaches from the abdominal wall and twists on itself,To work on her upper-body strength, Alexia will be doing exercises like dumbbell chest presses, seated bicep curls, and seated shoulder presses. "There's going to be basic, stable exercises that everybody should be doing, but I'm going to start off with very light weights and work myself up from there," she says. To work her lower body, she plans to do banded air squats, side shuffles with the resistance band on, and bridges with a band.

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