Hiba Bukhari

 Started off her career at a very young age, Hiba Bukhari swiftly became one of the top actresses of the industry. She marked her debut with Geo TV's Rom-Com ‘Teri Meri Jodi’ (2015-16) in a supporting role and soon started appearing as lead.She always denounced herself to be portrayed as a ‘weepy’ in serials and preferred to convey a strong message to the society by playing strong characters. Thus she gave mega hits like ‘Thori Si Wafa’ for which she won Best Soap Actress Award. She is known for her leading roles in ‘Bholi Bano’ (2017), ‘Silsilay’ (2018), ‘Haara Dil’ (2018), ‘Ramz-e-Ishq’ (2019), and ‘Deewangi’ (2019).

Nageen is returned after two days. Her family believes that she has either raped or ran away on her own wish but Nageen says that nothing really bad happened with her nor she ran away by her own and she doesn't know the reason behind this two-day kidnapping. After few days, Nageen goes to Sultan to make him believe of her innocence, but Sultan reveals that he was the one who kidnapped Nageen and that the marriage was just a plan of his to take revenge from Nageen for the slap and also to insult her as she insulted him. Nageen is heartbroken. She threatens to expose Sultan in front of the media but Sultan who has their intimate pictures, blackmails Nageen. He also pays Rashid (brother-in-law) 50 Lac Rupees to keep their mouth shut.

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