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The president said the team trekked for over 200 kilometres at an average altitude of 4000 metres to the base of the world's second highest mountain, K-2. Their route included walking the length of the Baltoro Glacier, one of the world's largest non-polar glaciers.
Speaking about his journey, Samuel Joynson said, "For generations, adventurers from around the world have told stories of the natural majesty of the deepest Karakoram and I have long dreamed of seeing this land of superlatives myself.Samuel added that alongside showcasing some of the world's finest alpine scenery, the trek also offers visitors a rare and undervalued experience in the modern world - a complete "digital detox."
 In an era of relentless email, social media, and phone calls, he said a trek to K2 was unique in as much as the lack of any phone signal on the route which allowed visitors to escape the pressures of the modern world for two weeks, besides enabling travellers to focus exclusively on the experience that they were lucky enough to be undertaking.
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