Dolce & Gabbana cancels China

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The Italian fashion house quickly issued a statement apologising and saying the accounts as well as that of its namesake designer Stefano Gabbana had been hacked, but it did little to calm a brewing social media uproar in China.Our mother country is more important than anything, we appreciate the vigour and beauty of our cultural heritage," said the management of Wang Junkai, a hugely popular singer in boyband TFBoys, as they announced his withdrawal.
It erupted into a firestorm after screenshots circulated of an Instagram user´s chat with the famously volatile Stefano Gabbana in which he used five smiling poop emojis to talk about China and launched insults at the country and its people.

As the backlash escalated, Dolce & Gabbana took to Instagram and Weibo saying its account and that of designer Stefano Gabbana had been hacked and that its legal office was "urgently investigating" the matter.
"We are very sorry for any distress caused by these unauthorised posts. We have nothing but respect for China and the people of China," the company said on Instagram.
The controversy marks the latest backpedalling by a foreign company for offending Chinese consumers with advertising or information that insults China or clashes with Beijing´s official position.
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