The Assisted Pullup Machine

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Enter: the assisted pullup machine, just one of the many strength-training machines featured in Women's Health's,The narrow neutral grip of the assisted pullup strengthens and tightens your back and core area, from your underarm to your hip bone. It also targets that pesky under-arm and back bra area, which can be tough to tone. You can also adjust the level of weight on this machine, so, over time, you'll eventually train your body to do pullups without the assistance. 
Grasp the assisted-pullup machine with a neutral grip (palms facing each other) and place your knees on the kneepad. Pull your shoulders back and down and lock in this position. Holding this position, simultaneously bring the other knee onto the pad as you lift up into the top starting position (a). Keeping your shoulders drawn inward, slowly lower your body until your arms are fully lengthened (b). Pause at the top position before lowering.
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