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The Big Breakfast was launched at the end of September 1992 to replace , which was Channel 4's unsuccessful first dip into the breakfast television market between 1989 and 1992. The Daily, launched at huge expense, had possessed an analytical style, focusing largely on current affairs, news bulletins and cerebral quiz shows; however, this format had failed to earn enough viewing figures, and consequently Channel 4 opted to change direction and work towards a lighter style concentrating mainly on entertainment and humour.
The first two presenters were (from 1992 to 1994) and  (1992 to 1996). At its height in 1993, viewing figures reached around two million per edition, and it was the highest rated UK breakfast television programme. Along with Evans and Roslin, presented a short-lived political interview slot interviewed people conducted whilst lying on a bed, and the puppet characters  created morning mayhem in the bathroom with Evans in a slot called 'The Crunch'.
 Little was replaced by Keith Chegwin, who himself exited the programme in August 1996, just ahead of a massive relaunch. In an attempt to stem the sliding viewing figures, the Big Breakfast house was refurbished at a cost of £2 million. New presenters  and were brought in but viewing figures fell dramatically. Davies left the programme in early 1997, to be replaced by . Van Outen had initially been brought in as part of the September 1996 relaunch as a traffic and travel presenter, before being given a role based at the house as the phone room presenter and holiday relief for Davies. In June 1997,  covered for Adams for a fortnight alongside Van Outen, the pair forging a successful on screen partnership. Adams left the programme shortly afterwards and, in September 1997, the Vaughan and Van Outen partnership was made permanent. Audience figures stabilised and the duo fronted the programme together until Van Outen's departure on January 1, 1999. (A New Year's Day pre-record).  was installed as Vaughan's new co-presenter despite an internet campaign for the role to be awarded to  who had successfully covered for Van Outen in the summer of 1998. However, Brook struggled in the role and left the programme in early summer 1999.  having again covered the co-presenter role alongside Vaughan prior to Brook's departure

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