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In October 2010, PhoneDog unsuccessfully sued employee Noah Kravitz in for misusing trade secrets after he quit his job and began using his PhoneDog Twitter account to post Tweets for a competitor.
In February 2012, , a poet and a former columnist for the Saudi daily newspaper  became the subject of a religious and legal controversy after being accused of insulting the prophet  in three tweets published on Twitter. Kashgari risks the death penalty for his three tweets. ordered that  be arrested "for crossing red lines and denigrating religious beliefs in God and His Prophet Kashgari left Saudi Arabia, trying to seek in New Zealand. He was deported from  back to Saudi Arabia on February 12, about three and a half hours before a Malaysian injunction against the deportation was issued
The Distance College of , China, used Twitter with native Chinese students to train communicative and cultural competence. Students had to post a number of English tweets and react to the tweets of their fellow students. Twitter was viewed as a supplement to practice different aspects of the target language in authentic environment.
Mia Moody states that Twitter can be used to teach students. They will be more involved in lectures and lessons if they have a chance to use social media throughout the course. Social media has changed the way people live, connect, and do business. She also explains how it is a good way to improve student participation. Shy students are more likely to open up behind a computer screen or the screen of their smart phone. 
The Austria, used Twitter as an evaluation platform for  Every student had to send a tweet after each course unit with feedback to the teacher. Twitter's simplicity and electronic data handling required small administrative effort and turned out to be "a useful tool for evaluating a course formatively"
At the, Twitter has been incorporated into the classroom setting of History courses with large groups of students. This allows more students to express their views in the class discussions and forces them to focus on the central point due to the character limit.

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